Motorised Blinds Northern Beaches

You no longer need to wind up a car window, so why wind up your blinds? Our fantastic range of motorised blinds in the Northern Beaches are not just for the latest IT smart houses, but can be enjoyed by everyone. Suprisingly affordable and adaptable, motorised blinds work fantastically in many situations.

Picture walking into your living room in the morning, pressing one button, and all your blinds opening simultaneously. Let the morning light into your bedroom without getting out of bed!

Bayside Shutters & Blinds are early embracers of this technology and we can motorise a blind from as little as $299.

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Exciting development in motorised blinds

Previously, to motorise blinds, we needed an electrician to run power to the top of the window.  This works well for new houses, but can be tricky in older houses.  That problem is now solved, with the new long lasting battery operated motors.  The batteries in these motorised blinds are long lasting and are easily recharged. 

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