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Manly is famous for its beach and ferries, but if you are lucky enough to live in Manly, you know just how much Manly has to offer. Manly has so much character and heritage.

The trick with Plantation Shutters in Manly is to make sure that they suit the character of your home or apartment as well as give you what you need.

We have installed shutters in many Manly apartments (and climbed many staircases carrying shutters!). What we often suggest when designing shutters, is to use a split rotation bar – so the top and bottom can open and close separately. That way you can open the top section to let in light or enjoy a view, but keep the lower section angled to give privacy. 

If you live in Manly, you probably have a busy lifestyle! Call now to arrange a time and day suitable to you for your free measure and quote for Plantation Shutters Manly.

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